Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get ready for FAMILY FUN!!

Get ready, it's almost time...can you feel the anticipation, full stomaches, and so many kids that you somehow lost count after Shelley had Preston.
Well, it's time to brush up on your names, your best recipes, and your most AMAZING talents because come Saturday Aug. 8th it's time to ROCK THE GAZBA..or if you are the Corry family your best DEVO impresssion.

WHAT? The annual REEDER FAMILY party. The best "CARNIVAL" theme around these parts..and of course, a full-stage for the Normura Family to reenact the great dance of 1991 "ICE ICE BABY!" (yes, that's a challenge!)

WHEN? Sat. Aug. 8th

TIME: 11-3pm

WHERE: ROHMER PARK, Ogden UTAH (click here for directions!)

Contact: Rob Krey for the most up-to-date info on this fantastic event 801-773-6697, or Dee at 801-479-5626

Food: Stay tuned for your assignments.

I'm expecting great things this year...three songs at least from Grandpa, a rendition of "Show me the way to go home" by the Reeder siblings, and if Todd could brush up his proposal of Annette just for good times that would be great!

See you Aug. 8th...I'll be the one with bells on!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Reeder Family Reunion at Layton Commons Park 08'

We all had a great time at our dinner for the Reeder family. Thanks to all of you who came and all who helped with food and games. We are so lucky to have such a great family.
Larry told me that we have 101 decendants from Norman Freeman Reeder and 33 in-laws in our family. Awesome!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reeder Family Reunion

Last night was a lot of fun! We got some good shots of all of you. Hope you enjoy.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday to our sweet mother Rhea Dunn Reeder.

She was born August 29, 1918 in Providence, Utah. She grew up in a small town and loved it.

I remember telling her once that I could never live in a small town because there would be nothing to do and she told me they would make their own fun with square dances, and get togethers just about every week.

Mom tried to make everything so positive. I miss her very much!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dunn Family Reunion

Charles Oscar Dunn Family

This picture is so cool because it's taken with both of Charles wives. Norma, dad, Ella, and I went to Providence to the Dunn family reunion Saturday Aug.2, 2008.

There weren't a lot of relatives there but it was interesting to learn somethings about our family.

I told dad that he would be the oldest one there and he said, "No, there's a guy here that's almost 100." Sure enough there was a man named Oliver who turns 100 years old in October. I got a kick out of dad when he was speaking to another relative and he said something like this, "Where is that old man that was here last year?" I thought to myself, "What do you consider old, dad?" That just goes to show you that dad doesn't think of himself as old!?*

Most of the relatives that attended were from Charles 1st wife, Lettitia. Our line comes from his 2nd wife, Martha Jane Welch. Martha is on Charles right. See the young man inbetween Charles and Martha??? That's my Grandpa Dunn (Lester Welch Dunn).

Who else in the family is named Lester???

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Golfing at Davis

Notice the hat dad is wearing??? I just noticed it. Dad and Larry's hats should be reversed!
Making memories with dad is awesome, not to mention Larry and Norma. Life is good!

Family History

We can also use this site for information on our family history. I have loved that a lot of you have been asking about stories about our pioneer heritage. We have so many great ancestors with wonderful stories about their lives.

Erastus Bingham is my (Colleen), great, great, great grandfather coming through Norman Reeder's mothers side.

Erastus was the only one of his father's family who ever joined the church. In the spring of 1836 Erastus sold his farm and in June he started with his family for Kirtland, Ohio and remained there until September 1836, when they continued their journey to Far West Missouri.

Soon afterwards he rented a farm on Shoal Creek, about two and a half miles from Far West where he built a log house into which he moved his family.

Erastus farm cultivated until the fall of 1838 when the exterminating order of Governor Boggs was issued and he and the rest of his family had to leave the state in 1839. He was appointed a member of a committee at Far West to dispose of what furniture and other property the exiled Saints could not take with them.

In La Harpe Erastus rented farms in the neighborhood until the spring of 1845 when he bought a farm a few miles nearer Nauvoo where he resided during the summer. The next year when the saints were compelled to leave the state, Erastus sold his farm for a very small sum in order to get a team with which to depart with his family into the wilderness.

Erastus left Nauvoo May 6, 1848 and wintered amoung the Ponco Indians near Running Water, about 150 miles above Winter Quarters. In the spring of 1847 he went back as far as Winter Quarters and made trips to Missouri to buy provisions. In June 1847, he joined the general emigration and crossed the plains and mountains as a captain of ten in Ira Eldredge's fifty and Daniel Spencer's hundred, arriving in Salt Lake Valley September 19, 1847.

In the spring of 1851 Erastus located on a parcel of land northwest of Farr's Fort; this new location was afterwards called Bingham's Fort in his honor, but is now called Lynne.

Erastus was an honest, truthful, and temperate man who never indulged in profanity nor drank liquor or used tobacco either before or after he joined the church. He was also an industrious and cautious in his financial affairs.